The Processing Endpoint is used to manage multiple Tasks as once. Without this Functionality, it may be complicated and very slow to combine the Results of various, unrelated API Results.

explicit MultiTask

This Endpoint will return an Object with API Results of each Task, that you feed to it. The only accepted and mandatory Parameter is "tasks". This Parameter is a JSON encoded Array of API Call Defitions, where each Array Item has the following Structure:
  • name: The Reference Name, that will be re-used in the Result Object for this API Result
  • endpoint: The Endpoint to Query (for example videos)
  • method: The API Method to perform (for example byid)
  • item: if the method needs a URL item, add it here (or empty String)
  • parameters: an Object of additional Parameters (which can be all Parameters and Modifiers, that are mentioned in the API Documentation for this Method
The API Result will be a normal Result without Paging Section. Instead, the Result Section of the Call will have one Object for each Task. Each of those Sections will have its own Result Set and Paging Attribute (if successful).
A Standard Example for the raw "tasks" Object would look liks this:
'parameters'=> [

Pages and Rows

Pages and Rows are a Concept of the various Frontend Solution of 3Q nexx. A Page is in this Concept a List of Rows. Each Row is a List of Media Objects, which again are a Result of any of the Endpoints of the Media / All Media Endpoints.
It is not necessary to understand the underlying Query Patterns for any Row. The Page/Row Concepts abstracts this and it only needs the Page / Row ID.
In Contrast to the MultiTask API, the following APIs do support all Media API Parameters and Output Modifiers